Church at Study

Sabbath School


Each Sabbath morning at 9:30, Sabbath School classes for each age group welcome children, youth and adults to an hour of active learning geared to their stage of faith development.

Children's Sabbath School

Beginner Class

AGES 0-3


Teachers use music, story, props and hands-on activities to help infants and toddlers learn Bible lessons. A parent or adult guardian is encouraged to attend with the children.


Kindergarten Class

AGES 3-5


Teachers share Bible stories and modern mission stories in creative ways that are both inspiring and fun. Parents or adult guardians are welcome to attend with the children.


Primary Class

AGES 6-9


Teachers use Bible stories, applications, crafts, videos and music to help children learn about Jesus, their loving Saviour and forever friend.


Juniors & Earliteens Class

AGES 10-13


Teachers and kids have lively discussions as they continue to build on their knowledge of God and His plan for their lives, through Bible studies, nature and practical applications.



Youth Sabbath School

Youth Class

AGES 13-18


Offers dynamic, peer-driven discussion of Bible topics, encourages Christ-centred living and provides an opportunity to integrate into a network of Christian friends. Teachers facilitate open dialogue about youth-relevant issues in caring, supportive settings.



Adult Sabbath School

Connections Class


Designed for those who wish to develop or revive their faith, who seek to have a more meaningful Christian experience, or who desire to achieve greater spiritual growth, this class offers and opportunity to connect with God and others in a friendly, comfortable setting. It meets at 9:30am in the Fellowship Room and currently studies the adult lesson quarterly. Come as you are. Bring along a friend.


Something Else Class


Meeting from 9:30 to 10:45 in the Pastor's Study, uses a non-conventional, creative format focusing on five parameters of the Christian life: prayer, money, study, time and social ministries. This class studies with the Adult Sabbath School Quarterly.


Conventional Classes


There are two adult Sabbath School classes that meet at 9:30 am in the Sanctuary. These classes also use the Adult Sabbath School Quarterly.